Is it haram to play free fire?

Is it haram to play free fire?

Is free fire forbidden? You don’t have to fight the worst enemy. Give him a freefire or Pubg game.

He will be so addicted to all these games that he will lose a huge part of his life. There will be no time for enmity with you.


Is it haram to play free fire?

I asked a freefire gamer what is the benefit of this game? Then he said the above.

Although the word is funny type. But the reality is like that. There is no room for denial.

The damage that our young people are doing to their lives by playing this game could not have been done by any cruel enemy.

The world will not be able to bring back the precious time they are wasting in exchange for gold coins.

When people are so obsessed with free fire games, it becomes important to discuss whether it is halal or haram.

So today we are discussing Free Fire is forbidden? With this subject. I hope I can point out some good things.

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  • Is free fire forbidden?
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What a free fire game

Free Fire is a Battle Royale game.
Battle Royale means battlefield. So naturally there will be two sides like a battlefield. There will be all kinds of weapons.

One side will always be ready to attack and kill the other side. In the end, the one who survives will win.
This is why this game is very popular with everyone big and small. Many people try to make this game as a profession again.

Loss of free fire game

Since this game has no resemblance to reality, it can be said that it is trained to shoot and defeat the enemy. So this is a complete loss.

Some of the special disadvantages of free fire

1. Addiction.

An addiction is born in every free fire gamer. Gradually it became stronger and stronger.

This addiction or addiction diverts a gamer from his normal life journey. As a result, he becomes distracted from eating, sleeping, bathing or all other necessary activities.
The fact that intoxication is only in alcohol heroin is not the case. In addition to food, action can be intoxicating.
Just as it becomes an addiction for those who watch porn, in the same way games become an addiction for those who play games.

This is why many people want to get out of the game. He wants to give up these games forever but he can’t.

The way it is not easy to get out of the intoxication of alcohol or porn. This is exactly why games are an addictive medium like alcohol or porn.

2. Waste of time

The time spent playing the game is useless. Hours after hours, one by one the boys and girls wherreted behind the game.

But this time was his reading or any other important work. But sitting in the game, he forgot his important work.

Now let’s do a simple calculation. Suppose a person plays free fire for 3 hours every day.

Then in 30 days he is wasting 90 hours behind the game.

But if he had spent this time developing his skills or running a business, he would have been able to make his life better.

3. Health and emotional damage

The worst part of the Free Fire game is the loss of health and brain. Playing free fire at night breaks the health of the gamer.

Similarly, it can have many adverse effects on the brain. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

In addition, eye problems, pain in the wrists, back bones, etc. can be permanent.

4. Not performing prayers

Free Fire becomes a trivial matter without being to the gamer. If he is told to come to prayer, he may say I am coming.

Then I will finish the current game and perform the prayer. But the game that started is not ending.

Then after the end of the game it was seen that the congregation was over. Meanwhile, he has defeated Caramba. So many revenge games need to be started.

Thus, a free fire gamer can no longer perform prayers. Gradually skipping prayers became his casual affair.

5. Disobedient to parents

It is difficult to say exactly how many boys and girls are disobeying their parents while playing Free Fire.

It’s normal for boys and girls to stay with their parents if they have been playing games for hours on end.

When parents call their gamer child for some small task, it is seen that he is not listening to them because he is addicted to the game.

We always see in the news that my father was killed while playing a game.

Gamer’s son has been seen emptying his father’s bank balance again.

Is Free Fire Game Haram?

We’ve discussed some of the disadvantages of the Freefire game above. Each of which claims that this game is forbidden.

There are many more reasons to declare this game haram. But one thing needs to be clarified.

This game is not as forbidden as alcohol or porn. Meaning it is haram from the beginning but there is no time to say.

Any kind of alcohol or porn is haram from the very beginning. However, the free fire game will be forbidden at one stage.

Or it is haram for those who transgress the limits while playing it.

And the violation will be proved only when one or more of the reasons mentioned above exist in a freefire player.

Otherwise, it is not haram for someone to spend a little time watching or understanding the game.

Again, it is not haram for someone to play the game for ten or twenty minutes in his free and leisure time and if he is not addicted or extremely interested in it.

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