How to be a pro player in free fire game

How to be a pro player in free fire game

How to be a pro player in free fire game

How to become a pro player in Free Fire?

You have to play more rank matches to be pro in bank matches. If you show good performance in the clash squad, come and think that the rank match will show good performance. But you are completely wrong. Players who push in rank matches play well.

Only those who have good intellect can do well in rank match. There are some rules for pushing in rank matches. For example, if you have a teammate at the location where you landed. That means if the squad plays, keep them with you. There will be a lot of trouble if one stays away from the other. Moreover, at the beginning of the game, as soon as you see the anime, you will attack with a gun.

I mean, I’m talking about the beginning. It is better to kill anime in the beginning. But in the middle of the game or towards the end, it is not necessary to rush. But it is better to die anime in the beginning. If you plan to kill next, you will see that the enemy killed you suddenly.

Which anime is killing whom at the location where you landed? Keep looking at it on the map. As long as you can. The next time an enemy comes to kill you, immediately show good movement speed and run away. And take the opportunity to come to that location and kill him again. Don’t let the enemy kill anyone on your team or you. The reason is that if you give a chance to kill the enemy, your HP will decrease even a little bit. The question is, HP is less. So what is the way to get rid of it?

The only way to get rid of it is to practice head shots.

Pro Tips on Pushing Rank:
If you push the ranks, you must always refrain from rash or direct attacks. Campaign. So that bank push i.e. bank level is up. In the rush to score, the score in the ranks of many players becomes minus.

How to be Pro in Clash squad [Advance]

You can’t play better in class quad alone. The whole team has to be strong to give a good performance. I’m saying this, for those who are in the heroic position If you want, you can come alone from Bronze to Heroic. But you have to be a good team to get to a better rank. All members of the team you are playing with must be proficient in a particular field.

The biggest tool of the Clash Squad is the shot range gun. Glue wall is to be kept. Moreover, grenades are much more urgent. You need to keep the long range tool in the class squad almost all the time. Because attack from long range. Next go to the shot range and hit.
Now notice, it is very important for the team to be with each other in the clash squad. Which may not be the case. What is the remedy for this problem?

The only way to do that is to keep your squad alert. And you will stay connected to each other. So that if someone attacks someone, three people can go and prevent that attack. Moreover, if one is not connected to the other, then there is trouble.

Moreover, the class squad needs fast movement speed. Because since it is not long-range, but short-range, you have to show that good performance.

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