Disadvantages of playing free fire

Disadvantages of playing free fire

Many people are now addicted to mobile games. For example:  Free Fire, C and C. There are many who play more than eight hours a day. What physical problems can they have as a result and what is the way to get rid of it?

Disadvantages of playing free fire
Free Fire Game

Video gaming is a hobby. Very few people can take it as a profession. They are so few in number that no one still considers gaming a fulfilling career.

Nothing extra is good. Even eating too much vegetable or egg milk can cause various problems in the body. Playing games for more than eight hours daily is not good for body and mind.

Excessive gaming can cause various physical and mental problems. Excessive use can cause eye problems. Can cause epilepsy and various types of paralysis; Especially with both hands. Since playing games involves sitting in a chair or lying down while playing a mobile game, back and neck pain can occur. These can lead to permanent physical disability.

However, this is also true — I have seen many people who have played games for 8-10 hours day after day, month after month, but they have not been harmed. I myself played games for an average of 4-5 hours daily at a time. I would return home from the office at 8 pm; After dinner, I would play games from nine to one or two at night, and at 8 in the morning I would leave home for the office.

Care must be taken to ensure that people remain focused on the main goal of their life. There is no such thing as “getting rid of gaming”.

What are the symptoms of gaming disorder?

Dr. about the various symptoms of ‘gaming disorder’. Wadud said, “Keep an eye on how long the child has been playing the game. How the parents react when asked to stop playing. There are some children who get angry and shout when they are not allowed to play the game. Addicted. “

According to the World Health Organization, two to three percent of gamers worldwide suffer from ‘gaming disorder’.

While the numbers may seem low, many countries around the world are concerned about gaming addiction.

In South Korea, the government has passed a law barring children under the age of 18 from playing online games from midnight to 6 am.

In Japan, people are warned if they play games for more than a certain period of time.

The World Health Organization is talking about treatment when children become more addicted

Chinese Internet company Tencent has set a time limit on how long children can play games.

There is no such initiative in Bangladesh yet. At the same time, opportunities for outdoor sports or recreation are shrinking, Ms Matin said.

“If the government or the authorities concerned take some initiative to take care of these children, the situation may change. If there are some fields in the vicinity that give a chance for reform, we can see good pictures of children in cinema halls.”

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