How to Earn Money from Youtube Using A Mobile

Many of us want to earn from online with mobile but can’t earn from online due to lack of proper guidelines. So today I will share with you how to earn with mobile. But I will not talk about many ways. Just know about one way and working with this one way you can earn money every month. Many earn money online by doing this. So you can start learning this job too.

But if you are a student or not doing any kind of work then this work will be very good for you. But those who do any job or business can also do this work. It is possible to earn thousands of rupees per month by doing this. Somehow once you are successful then you can earn a good amount of money doing this job if you want.

Online income with mobile. online income in bangladesh

Many of you know the work I will be discussing. However, I will discuss this matter in detail. So that you can know the details if I am not there. And if you are, then you can know more. I will try to discuss all the small and big issues in this matter from the very beginning till I get the money.

The way I will discuss this with my online income mobile is YouTubeing YouTubeing is a popular way to earn money online. YouTube is the largest video streaming platform.

There are several ways to earn from YouTube but I will discuss the most popular and main medium. And the popular means of income from YouTube is Google Adsense. Those who do YouTube have only one goal to get Google AdSense and start earning after getting AdSense.

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To earn from Google Adsense you have to do two ways. The first is through YouTube channel monetization. The second is to get AdSense approved through the website. But we will discuss YouTube.

Ways to earn from YouTube

Your channel must have monetization turned on to earn from YouTube. If your channel has monetization then YouTube ads will show on your videos and you will earn from those ads. But ads will be shown in your video but for that you have to fulfill some conditions of YouTube. I will discuss in detail what conditions need to be fulfilled a little later. However, many people think that the more views, likes, comments and subscribers the more the income will be. This idea is completely wrong, you will earn by showing YouTube ads on your videos. YouTube will give you a share of the money earned.

How to open YouTube Adsense

Adsense is an account where your UTU earnings will be deposited. AdSense is also required to withdraw your money because all the money you earn from YouTube will be paid from your AdSense account. So you can never earn from YouTube without an AdSense account. A channel with 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time is required to open YouTube Adsense.

Ways to withdraw money from YouTube

Before withdrawing money from YouTube you need to verify your AdSense account. And for AdSense account verification, a letter from Google will be sent to your address. In the post office, there will be a code in that letter. You have to submit that code to your AdSense account. If there is no error then your adsense account will be verified.

But Google will send you this letter when you have $10 in your account. After that, when your account is verified, you can add the bank account to the AdSense account. Your payment will be sent to the bank account you add between 21st-24th of every month. But if not 100 dollars will not pay from Adsense.

What are the conditions of YouTube channel monetization?

For YouTube channel monetization, you can turn on channel monetization if your channel has 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time within 1 year. If there is no problem with the channel. For example: copyright strike, community guideline strike, all these things should be taken care of.

How much does YouTube pay per 1000 views?

Many people want to know how much money YouTube pays per 1000 views. There is no specific amount of money that YouTube pays per 1000 views. Because how much you earn per 1000 views depends on your channel and video. Such as the type of video, the language of the video, the age of the viewer of the video, the location of the video, etc.

Last word: You start working on this and you can be successful easily. There are many students and earners who also work with mobiles by doing this YouTube. So start with your mobile phone.

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